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DDPM was established on the 3rd of October 2002 as an agency under Ministry of Interior (MOI) to handle disaster management responsibilities. As disaster situations in Thailand got worse due to population increase, urbanization and impact of climate change, the establishment of DDPM is to have a better and more effective mechanism to prevent disaster damage and loss and to mitigate calamity due to man-made and natural disasters.

Formulate policy, guideline and measures on disaster
          prevention and mitigation;
Study, analyse, research and develop systems on
          disaster prevention, disaster warning and disaster
Develop information technology on disaster prevention
          and mitigation;
Promote people participation on disaster managment
Build disaster risk awareness;
Provide training to build capacity and improve skills on
          disaster management and disaster relief;
Promote, support and implement programs for
          assisting disaster victims and disaster recovery;
Direct and coordinate operation to assist disaster victims
          in large-scale disasters; and
Coordinate with domestic and international